The Dermalogics Clinic was founded in 2008 by Dr. Desmer Destang, under the original name of “Illuminesse Clinic”. Dermalogics goes beyond simply delivering aesthetic medicine. Our internationally-recognised clinic has served as a training and research facility for physicians world-wide & the Caribbean.

Trained in doing Botox­®, Fillers, laser treatments & chemical peels since 2006, Dr. Destang first operated from the luxurious Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa. The clinic was then moved to the spacious Providence Medical Center where it has been in operation since.

At Dermalogics, we offer groundbreaking solutions redefining the current and future trends in medical aesthetics.

As a long-time educator in aesthetic medicine, Dr. Destang’s Dermalogics clinic continues to, and will continue to deliver cutting-edge innovative treatments – not only to our patients, but globally to the rest of the world.

Celebrity clients enjoy private confidential treatments.

Our patients are local, regional & international patients, including our exclusive celebrity clientele.

Private, confidential celebrity consultations & treatments

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