Dermalogics is an international acne training & research clinic.

At Dermalogics, we are an internationally known, recognised, and a certified Acne Clinic, with published acne protocols. We know acne, and more specifically, we know how to manage acne on skin of colour.

We are known internationally for managing acne, especially on dark skin.

Managing acne and acne scars is complex and requires knowledge, experience & empathy. On darker skin tones, acne also comes with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), At Dermalogics, we rely on:

  • Professional medical grade systems
  • Powerful skin-transforming cosmeceuticals
  • Oral medications when needed, and a
  • Balanced holistic approach which considers the effects of internal body inflammation.

We manage mild to severe acne.

Our advanced acne management protocols are intelligent, and aim to not only decrease acne inflammation, but also target multiple levels of acne and its several causative factors. These protocols can manage all grades of acne, reduce acne scarring, reduce hyperpigmentation, smooth out the skin, and get you to a completely new level of skin confidence. Our treatments have a consistent track record of over a decade of experience and real results.

We rely on strong premium professional systems like the Melanopeel Skin Clarity System & the Dermalogics Acne Program which feature the widest array of powerful medical grade anti-acne ingredients like mandelic, salicylic, glycolic acid, benzoyl peroxide, azelaic acid, vitamin C, tranexamic acid, potent retinols, & skin brighteners.

Dermalogics has over a decade of advanced acne management.

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