Senior International Trainer in Aesthetic Medicine since 2013

AAAM Trainer – Dr. Destang has served as a long-standing senior trainer & lecturer with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine since 2013 – the largest global organisation in Aesthetic Medicine which provides board certification in Aesthetic Medicine. The AAAM represents the largest international community of aesthetic physicians world-wide.

dr desmer destang aaam aesthetic medicine training

Through the AAAM, Dr. Destang has trained hundreds of physicians from the USA, Asia pacific, South Africa, Middle East, India & her own Caribbean region. Read Dr. Destang’s profile here. Click here to find AAAM courses. available world-wide.

Founding University Tutor in Cosmetic Medicine

Her recognised expertise in several areas of Aesthetic Medicine has also secured her a prestigious position with the University of South Wales where she serves as a founding tutor in their post-graduate Cosmetic Medicine course, and teaches Cosmetic Medicine to a wonderfully diverse global audience of physicians.

Skin of Color Training – Private Training Courses

Her personal interest in Skin of Color has led to doctor Destang’s creation of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dermatology training courses to physicians, exclusively on Skin of Color. Darker skin represents a more difficult demographic to correct with greater risk of pigmentary complications. Her specialized and selective programs assists other physicians achieve improved cosmetic outcomes when managing darker skin tones. These private courses are available by special booking. Learn more

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