At Dermalogics, we love peels. In fact, many of our signature peels have been specially formulated by US pharmaceutical labs and custom-blended by Dr. Destang herself to suit the needs of her patients.

Our clinic expertly does a wide range of chemical peels, for all skin colors, to correct a wide array of aesthetic skin concerns. We do these on the face & body.

Light Peels:

Light exfoliating peels can be used by anyone, of any skin color. Dermalogics clinic has been safely peeling ethnic & mixed skin tones for over a decade, with excellent results. In fact, our clinical results have been so impressive, our clinical research has been published in international medical journals.

Our approach is simple – the right peel, the right strength, the right indication, for the right person. We will often custom mix your peel and produce a unique one to achieve the correction needed for your skin problem.

We match the right peel, the right indication, to the right person.

Dermalogics clinic uses some of the newest and most effective peels for ethnic skin, with one of our favorites from Melanopeel®. This peel is based on the alpha-hydroxy acid Mandelic Acid, and forms the base for many of our blended peels. Melanopeel’s Mandelic Acid peels work exceptionally well on all skin colors, is anti-bacterial, anti-acne, fades skin discolorations, and is the safest peel for ethnic skin.

Our light peels deliver instant luminosity, and will result in microscopic and mild flaking of the skin for approximately 3 days to reveal fresh new skin.

Peel indications:

We have a wide range of indications amenable to treatment with our peels. These include:

Medium Peels:

Medium depth peels are for those needing more dramatic results and corrections.

Medium depth peels are highly effective at helping to fade skin discolorations, reduce wrinkles, tighten the skin, and reduce sun-damage. Our medium peels will result in flaking & peeling of the skin for approximately 3-5 days to reveal fresh new skin.

The highest quality peels safe for Caribbean skin

Our medium peels can be used on all skin colors, however, darker skin tones will need to be specially conditioned and acclimatized before we begin the process.

Deep Peels:

Deeper peels can be performed on all skin types, when the correct protocols are initiated. With our experience, Dermalogics can deliver a deeper peel for the more dramatic correction of pigmentation, sun-damage, wrinkles, and aging skin.

All our peels can be done on the face & body.

Acne Peels:

Acne peels are done specifically to reduce acne. The treatment of acne is complex, and the acne experience is different for each person.

Acne peels can be used alone, or part of our highly regarded and proprietary Dermalogics Acne Program™. Our peels are all specially formulated and blended to be safe for all skin colors. With our choices of peels, we can not only control acne, but also fade discolored skin marks left after the acne.

A series of peels is recommended to maximize results with your natural skin cycle. This is determined by your individual skin condition, and skin response.

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