Skin tags and milia are often found in darker and mixed skin-tones. Skin tags are dark outgrowth projections attached to the skin, especially the face and neck, and often worsens during pregnancy.

We remove skin tags with a special laser precision machine designed for the process, and is safe to use on all skin colors. The process is instant, and pain-free, since we use prescription topical numbing agents.

Milia are solid white, pearly masses of lipids and keratin enclosed beneath the skin. They are not whiteheads, and cannot be removed by extractions or squeezing the skin. At Dermalogics, we can safely remove unsightly milia with a quick, simple laser-like surgical uncovering procedure.

Benign moles can also be removed. Depending on the size, it can be done either surgically or non-surgically. Video below.

Dermalogics Patient
Dermalogics Patient
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