Melasma is tough to manage:

Melasma is one of the most difficult skin conditions to get under control. The facial regions affected by melasma have some of the most stubborn melanin-producing cells in the body. In the Caribbean, our high heat & UV index makes melasma control that much more difficult.

Our melasma protocols are used internationally:

Over a decade of understanding melasma, especially on darker Caribbean skin and the warmer Caribbean has led us to develop some of the most effective anti-melasma treatments. Our protocols are so effective, they are used internationally. One of our many secret weapons is the Melanopeel Skin Clarity System which is best suited for melasma control in the Caribbean climate.

We cater for Caribbean skin in a warm Caribbean climate.

Lower melasma rebound rates:

Melasma has a high level for returning, especially in warmer climates. Experience has taught us that our protocols aiming for gentler sustained melasma control, work best for all patients and all skin colours. We rely on multi-modal treatments including:

Dermalogics Melasma Patient
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