We have using regular microneedling treatments since 2012.

Dermalogics center is internationally known as a leading authority and research center for medical microneedling. Our clinical research has been published in international medical journals, and we have advocated the benefits of this treatment since 2012, before it became mainstream and used on dark skin! Videos below.

Our use of microneedling treatments on dark skin in 2012 was ahead of it’s time.

Dermalogics medical director Dr. Desmer Destang is also an educator, microneedle certifier, and educational presenter on microneedling, with special interest in skin of color. We can also use microneedling with platelet rich plasma (PRP), our proprietary skin infusion blends, and radiofrequency energy devices.

What microneedling can improve:

The consistent results of microneedling are smoother, firmer, radiant, supple skin, with improved color, tone, and texture. Microneedling is not a new treatment. It is based on ancient Chinese acupuncture techniques, with recent expanded uses in aesthetic medicine. Microneedling produces microscopic fractional channels in the skin that produce collagen, elastin, and break up melanin pigments on healing. This treatment when done correctly can improve:

An older 2015 Dermalogics microneedling video. Our protocols have since advanced & improved.

“The uniqueness of healing with microneedling lies in the fact that the stratum corneum is preserved. Even more remarkably, is the fact that three major cell groups (the keratinocytes, fibroblasts, and melanocytes) can all be positively regulated by this simple treatment.”Dr. Desmer Destang, American Journal of Aesthetic Medicine, 2013, Issue 4

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