Rosacea, like melasma, can be difficult to control. It presents with 4 major subtypes, with subtype 1,2 & 3 amenable to cosmetic dermatological treatments. Did you know that persons with dark skin can also present with rosacea?

Rosacea subtypes:

  • Rosacea subtype 1 is the typical one seen with facial flushing.
  • Subtype 2 is redness associated with acne, and can be found in all skin colors, including dark skin.
  • Subtype 3 is related to thickened skin on the nose.
  • Subtype 4 is related to eye inflammation. Some persons present with a mixture of subtypes,

Dark skin can also present with rosacea.

Our treatments:

rosacea on cheek

Our rosacea treatments rely on multi-modal treatments including:

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