Acne can be classified as mild, moderate, severe, or cystic. Cystic acne is problematic since the deeper dermal layers of the skin are highly inflamed, which makes the patient prone to permanent acne scarring. On an acne scale, cystic acne represents grade 4.

Grade 1-4 acne scale:

  • Grade 1: Mild with comedones, occasional papules.
  • Grade 2: Moderate with papules, comedones, few pustules.
  • Grade 3: Severe with predominant pustules, nodules, abscesses.
  • Grade 4: Cystic with mainly cysts, abscesses, widespread scarring.

With cystic acne, nodules result from a fusion of multiple acne pustules, combined with excessive inflammation of the skin’s underlying dermis layer. Scar tissue and loss of collagen results in depressed pitted acne scars.

At Dermalogics, we rely on multi-modal acne treatments, since topical skin creams and serums alone will not be sufficient. Prescription medications, oral medications such as isotretinoin, and intralesional injections to reduce skin inflammation are all possible treatments for this severe form of acne.

We are an International Acne Training Center:

At Dermalogics, we are fully trained in the management and execution of effective protocols for cystic acne management, with our clinic being an international training & research center for all grades of acne. We not only manage acne, but also scarring from severe acne and fading acne hyperpigmentation.

dr desmer destang examines patient
severe acne

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