Acne scar treatments have been one of our pioneering treatments, with some of our microneedling and acne scar management protocols published, taught and used world-wide. As a globally-recognised aesthetic skin of colour expert, Dr. Destang has been publishing guidelines for acne scar treatments on darker skin since 2013, when few treatments were available. Some of her treatments are proprietary, and used only at her Dermalogics clinic in St. Lucia for the benefits of her patients. Video below.

Our Dermalogics acne scar treatment options include:

We have proprietary treatments used only at Dermalogics here in St. Lucia.

  • Medical microneedling with or without Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
  • Radio-frequency acne scar treatments
  • Stem cell acne scar therapy
  • Subcision scar surgery
  • TCA Cross Melanopeel® hybrid acne scar treatments (safer for darker skin)
  • Korean acne scar infusion needle therapy
  • Proprietary Acne Scar Skin Infusion Therapy™ – available only at Dermalogics.

Acne Scar Surgery:

Our acne scar treatments have been developed from over a decade of experience, they continue to improve with the integration of the latest technology innovations.

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