Training and Education



Our clinical training programs have been developed specially for physicians with a special interest in skin of color and mixed skin tones. Many clinicians who practice aesthetic medicine still lack a clear understanding of managing ethnic skin.

Patients Fitzpatrick types III-VI –  Hispanic, Indian, Mediterranean, Caribbean, African-American, mixed ethnicities fall into this category.

Darker skin tones are not to be feared, and our programs equip you with a comprehensive, logical and tactical method of approach and analysis for skin of color.

Our sessions are one-on-one (you may also request a small group setting) to ensure clear understanding of the principles involved. Each training session includes hands-on practice with 3 live patients of different skin tones and different skin conditions. You may specially request 3 patients with the specific Fitzpatrick skin tones (I-VI) you wish to  work with.


  • Chemical peels for all skin tones (Level 1) – (US $500) – Learn how to safely choose and administer alpha & beta peels on all skin colors. CME 5 hours.
  • Chemical peels for all skin tones (Level 2) – (US $500) – This level will teach you how to do medium depth peels on all skin colors, including TCA (trichloroacetic) peels on skin of color. CME 5 hours.
  • Medical Micro-needling on all skin tones – (US $500) – Learn techniques and secrets of how to use medical micro-needling not just for collagen induction, but also to deactivate melanocytes to control hyper-pigmentation in skin of color. Training will include both fractional pen mechanical micro-needling and manual hand rolling techniques. CME 5 hours.
  • The Science of Skin rejuvenation, Analysis & Management of Ethnic Skin – (US $500) – Learn how to properly analyze and skin-type darker skin tones, and manage common aesthetic concerns such as hyper-pigmentation, razor-bumps, ingrown hairs, stretch-marks,  scars, skin tags and milia removal. CME 5 hours.
  • Laser Hair Removal for Skin of Color – (US $1000) – Discover different effective treatment modalities and protocols that are effective on skin of color. CME 8 hours.
  • The Dermalogics Acne Program Certification – (US $1000) – This signature acne program works. This is for anyone with with difficulty in controlling acne, on all skin colors. Let us help you understand acne on a deeper cellular level, and also produce tangible results for your patients. Our program additionally, will teach you how to manage acne hyper-pigmentation and acne scars on ethnic skin. This program includes microdermabrasion techniques. CME 8 hours.

We also conduct a hands-on training program for non-physicians. This is a good course for physician staff members, and greatly helps enhance the overall skin care services available to clients.


  • Advanced Facial & Skin Analysis – (US $500) – Learn hands-on how to perform advanced facials with advanced technologies  on modern equipment – micro-current, ultra-sonic, high-frequency, galvanic, and iontophoresis. Also master the art of doing comprehensive skin care analyses and skin typing. This course is available to anyone wanting  deeper scientific knowledge on the skin.