Medium Peels

Medium depth peels are for those needing more dramatic results and corrections. Dermalogics clinic has been safely peeling all skin tones for nearly 10 years, with excellent results. In fact, our clinical results have been so impressive, our clinical research has been published in international medical journals.

Our approach is simple – the right peel, the right strength, for the right person. We will often custom mix your peel and produce a unique one to achieve the correction needed for your skin problem.

Medium depth peels are highly effective at helping to fade skin discolorations, reduce wrinkles, tighten the skin, and reduce sun-damage. Our medium peels will result in flaking & peeling of the skin for approximately 3-5 days to reveal fresh new skin.

Our medium peels can be used on all skin colors, however, darker skin tones will need to be specially conditioned and acclimatized before we begin the process.

A series of 3 is recommended to maximize results with your natural skin cycle.