Light Peels

Light exfoliating peels can be used by anyone, of any skin color. Dermalogics clinic has been safely peeling ethnic & mixed skin tones for nearly 10 years, with excellent results. In fact, our clinical results have been so impressive, our clinical research has been published in international medical journals.

Our approach is simple – the right peel, the right strength, for the right person. We will often custom mix your peel and produce a unique one to achieve the correction needed for your skin problem.

Dermalogics clinic uses some of the newest and most effective peels for ethnic skin, with one of our favorites from Melanopeel®. This peel is based on the alpha-hydroxy acid Mandelic Acid, and forms the base for many of our blended peels. Melanopeel’s Mandelic Acid peels work exceptionally well on all skin colors, is anti-bacterial, anti-acne, fades skin discolorations, and is the safest peel for ethnic skin.

Our light peels deliver instant luminosity, and will result in microscopic and mild flaking of the skin for approximately 3 days to reveal fresh new skin.

A series of 3-6 is recommended to maximize results with your natural skin cycle.