Medical Weightloss


Our authentic prescription-strength hCG weight loss program at the Dermalogics clinic utilizes a hormone that is naturally produced in the body.  It rapidly targets and metabolizes areas of excess fat storage without hunger.  Studies have shown that this weight lost comes directly from fat tissue, rather than lean muscle.

Our program uses only authentic Rx-strength hCG, that does not strip the body of vitamins or minerals that are essential to maintain good health.  This method of weight loss has also been shown capable of resetting the hypothalamus gland,  adjusting your metabolism so that you can be satisfied without overeating.  In addition to weight loss and body reshaping, our program will regulate blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure and decrease many rheumatic pains.

Our system is especially effective since also nutritionally counsel you based on the natural principles of the world-renowned weight-loss nutritionist  Dr. Joel Fuhrman. . We are specially trained and certified by Dr. Fuhrman.  Patients can typically expect to lose approximately 10 to 25 pounds during the first month.

Our program supports healthy weight loss and does not utilize any synthetic substances, appetite suppressants, or stimulants. As with all programs, a healthy lifestyle which includes proper nutrition and exercise is essential for weight maintenance.

Our nutritional counselors at Dermalogics have trained and been certified by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.