As one get older in the 30’s and 40’s we suddenly see the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Botox® treatments are simply the #1 choice for relaxing, and even erasing some of these lines. This explains why Botox® is, and will remain a mainstay in corrective anti-aging treatments in the entertainment and beauty industry, world-wide.
Lines on the forehead and around the eyes are best treated with Botox®, while lines around the mouth and mid-face are best treated with our dermal fillers. Treatments with Botox® are safe and consistently produce predictable wrinkle-relaxing results.

Our clinician, Dr. Destang is highly experienced with nearly 10 years of artistically working with, and administering botulinum A toxin preparations and treatments. She is a certified clinical educator and trainer to physicians in the use of botulinum A toxin injection and dermal filler techniques. Dr. Destang is also trained in the Advanced use of botulinum A toxin for multiple parts of the face and neck area.