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Depressed Acne Scars CAN be Improved

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Dermalogics can expertly correct and improve depressed acne scars on the face, and also flatten mildly raised skin scars. Our clinic is internationally known for it’s research on microneedling, PRP, and collagen induction, and through multi-layered treatments that may include lasers, we are capable of making significant changes to skin texture of all colors. See how our highly regarded Dermalogics Acne Program™ can make a difference to your life.

Really?: Clear skin with mandelic acid?

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Really?: Clear skin with mandelic acid?

Mandelic Acid for Acne & Dark Marks

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Mandelic Acid for Clearing Acne and it’s marks

A revolutionary new treatment from Melanopeel offers hope to sufferers of chronic acne. Mandelic acid is not a miracle cream or a gimmick, it is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid that has been used as a post surgery treatment for years due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic properties. But it is these properties that make it so effective to treat acne.

Mandelic acid is natural, extracted from bitter almonds, and is commonly used as a chemical skin peel. Although the action on the skin appears mild, as when used correctly it does not burn or blister the skin, the effects can be even more powerful than traditional glycolic acid peels. As well as its anti-biotic and ant-inflammatory properties that soothe skin and kill bacteria, Mandelic acid skin peels have a natural healing effect, restoring damaged skin cells and encouraging the growth of healthy new cells while the old ones are being shed.

Dermalogics – Medical Microneedling Research & Teaching Center


Dermalogics is well-known for their research on medical micro-needling. We have achieved remarkable results on dark skin-tones, and designed microneedling protocols followed by physicians world-wide.

When properly performed, this treatment can significantly improve acne, depressed acne scars, mildly raised skin scars, mildly raised burn scars, wrinkles and skin discolorations.

Our clinic is also a training center for physicians interested in learning more about the great potentials that can be achieved with microneedling (both manual and mechanical), when done correctly.