slide1-980x445Carboxytherapy (Carbon dioxide therapy – CDT) is not a new treatment, and has been widely used in Latin America and Europe for decades. CDT has been found in medicine to accelerate wound healing.

This therapy introduces small amounts of carbon dioxide gas into the body by injection. By doing this, we encourage the body to bring a richer oxygen supply to this area, as the body tries to naturally eliminate the carbon dioxide. Increasing blood and oxygen supply to the area promotes healing of the skin, increases collagen and elastin formation, reduces inflammation, and repairs the dermis.
This procedure is effective, and has a long track record of safety both in medical and aesthetic applications.

What can carboxytherapy realistically treat?
• Stretch marks (We can also combine carboxy treatments with medical microneedling and laser to get you the best results possible)
• Dark circles under the eyes
• Improve skin elasticity
• Hair loss
• Improve the appearance of cellulite

With carboxytherapy 5-10 treatments are recommended to see the best results. Stretchmarks are notoriously difficult to treat, and we highly recommend combination treatments (see below), since we have found this to be the most effective for maximum reduction.

At our clinic, we offer a full range of other aesthetic treatments for stretchmarks including laser, medical microneedling, radiofrequency, platelet rich plasma (PRP), chemical peels, and microdermabrasion.