Adult Facials

Relaxing, Soothing, but Effective Medical Facials At Dermalogics

Consider these deep Rx for Your Skin. Our unique facials utilize a combination of relaxing techniques, along with medical grade skin care for results deeper than a regular facial.

We do facials for both adults and teenagers.


The Ultrasonic Facial – 60 mins
A deeply exfoliating, hydrating & relaxing treatment. This high
tech facial uses high frequency ultrasonic waves to clean the
pores and assist deep infusion of our serums. Ideal for special events.



BioUltimate Non-surgical Facelift – 60 mins
An age-defying system of technology and products for firming and toning the face. Using electrical impulses that restore the natural cellular charge, the skin becomes stimulated, activated,toned and lifted.


Bio-Light LED Facial – 60 mins
This calming facial uses LED photo modulation technology to activate cellular metabolism. Low intensity light of specific wave lengths activate cellular chromophores to enhance fibroblast activity, increasing natural collagen
and elastin synthesis. LED also minimizes the appearance of lines, wrinkles, redness and acne.



Clarifying Acne Facial – 60 mins
This facial is specifically designed for problematic and acne-prone complexions (adults & teens). High frequency anti-bacterial technology is also incorporated. For maximum results, a 10 minute LED Acne Biolight wavelength add on is also recommended.



Non-surgical Eye Lift – 30 mins
A treatment dedicated to the eyes. Revitalise puffy eyes, tired eyes, dark circles and wrinkles with our machines
specially designed for eye care.




Microdermabrasion Facial – 60 mins
The ultimate treatment for silky smooth skin. This facial
combines the polishing glow of microdermabrasion with
a calm hydrating facial. Perfect for rough skin, acne prone
skin, discolourations, and wrinkles.


24K Gold Facial – 60 mins

Gold is hypoallergenic, and known pharmaceutically for it’s anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and regenerative properties. On absorption into the skin, cells ionically connect to gold and become activated. Cleopatra is fabled to have slept in a 24K gold mask for it’s beautifying and youthening properties. At Illuminesse, we customise for you a luxurious 24K Gold facial based on your skin type. All products used contain 24K Gold. Combining traditional with ultra-modern technology, you’ll truly be wrapped in extravagance.




Glow Quick Fix Facial – 30 mins
Ideal for the busy person. A deep pore cleansing with a
light peel treatment for instantly glowing skin.




Steam & Extraction Only – 30 mins
Pore clarification with steam & deep ultrasonic cleansing.



Add Ons:
Bio-Light LED Treatment 10 mins
Mini Eye Lift – 10 mins