Dermalogics Acne Program™


Acne is a difficult and frustrating condition to control. Acne lesions come in different forms and levels of severity. Dermalogics has quickly become the go to specialist center for advanced acne treatments. Quickly understand, decode and treat your acne with our successful proprietary Dermalogics Acne Program™.

We combine multifaceted treatments, and customize acne programs for each person, since acne treatment is a complex. There is no one cure-all for acne, therefore a stacked combined approach is most effective and most successful.

Our treatments include a range of treatments, including highly effective prescription-strength medications. At Dermalogics, we aim to not only decrease acne, but also to clear the skin of the dark marks or depressed scars that remain on the skin.

The Dermalogics Acne Program™

Our signature acne program begins with a comprehensive skin, lifestyle, and nutritional analysis. Based on our findings, we package a series of treatments likely to be successful at controlling your acne. Our programs are highly effective, and can even be life-changing.

Dermalogics  can customize a program for you. Both our professional and at-home programs have consistently proven highly effective for patients committed to taking control of their acne.

Please note that severe cystic acne may also require the care of a dermatologist.



THE DERMALOGICS ACNE PROGRAM™ CERTIFICATION (Available to physicians and licensed skin care specialists only)

  • The Dermalogics Acne Program Certification – (US $1000) – This signature acne program works. This is for anyone having difficulty in controlling acne patients, of all skin colors. Let us help you understand acne on a deeper cellular level, and also produce tangible results for your patients. Our program additionally, will teach you how to manage acne hyper-pigmentation and acne scars on ethnic skin. This program includes microdermabrasion techniques. CME 8 hours.