About Us

At the The Dermalogics Clinic, our focus is simple – to provide the highest quality, most current medical aesthetic care with the best available reputable products; all with professionalism, privacy and comfort.

  • Our Medical Clinic focuses on anti-aging non-surgical facial cosmetic treatments, advanced acne treatments, and weight loss treatments with nutritional management. Our focus is on using the latest and safest medical technologies to produce results. Our techniques are tried, trusted, and truly effective.
  • We can successfully improve acne, aging skin, sun damaged skin, uneven pigmentation, rough skin, razor bumps, stretch marks, control unwanted hair growth, and assist you in intelligent healthy weigh-loss.
  • We are Internationally Recognized. Our clinic has gained the reputation of maintaining international standards, with world-class equipment and products. We conduct extensive research on laser treatments and aesthetic skincare, with our work showcased and published in international journals.
  • At Dermalogics, we can truly transform you!