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What our patients say

See how we have truly made a difference.

  • medfac3
    Great skin, and so relaxing

    I love lunchtimes at Dermalogics. I found the perfect relaxing facial, their medical hydra-facial microdermabrasion. In 30 minutes, I have an instantly fresher, dewy face that's so soft & smooth. The plus, it keeps me from breaking out!

  • small jpeg11
    5 dress sizes smaller

    I was so scared and skeptical about doing a medical hCG program. After my consultation, I was ready to go! I realized the program is completely safe when done with a well trained physician. The clinic was very honest about my need to follow strict instructions to get good results. I did 2 rounds of their hCG program, and I'm now 5 dress sizes smaller. Thank you Dermalogics!

  • small jpeg9
    Acne Free finally

    I have spent thousands of dollars on acne treatments since my teens. At 28, I was still getting frequent breakouts, with horrible pitted scarring on my skin. It was psychologically tough on me as a female. After my first consultation, I knew I was in good hands. Catherine was exceptional. The acne program was sensible, and for the first time in my life I understood what acne really was. Then I started getting results, radiant skin, and my pitted acne scars were getting smoother. I have never felt this confident!

  • small jpeg15
    Laser Hair Removal

    I have been a patient with Dr. Destang since 2008, when the clinic was still called Illuminesse. I had my first laser hair removal for the under-arm area, and today in 2014 I'm still hair-free.

  • small jpeg7
    New younger skin!

    I migrated to the Caribbean from the UK, and was pleasantly surprised with Dr. Destang's Clinic - spacious, professional, and private . It even rivals what I've seen on London's Harley Street. I was even more impressed at being able to find my favourite Obagi Medical products prescribed by my UK physician. Dermalogics really is world-class.